Mission Statement

We are committed to providing a quality of service and range of products unsurpassed in the region underlined by our systems, policies and organisational structure. The company personnel have a wealth of experience in all areas of clean design with particular focus on Medical device Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Foods, Microelectronics and associated industries. Our level of success is perhaps best demonstrated by the extent of repeat business secured and the quality of clients with which we are able to work.

The products and systems that we employ have been designed specifically for use in clean and controlled environments, tried and tested in development and proven in use to the worlds most successful companies.

Our experience encompasses all of the necessary requirements for successful projects from design, manufacture, installation, project planning and management through to validation, monitoring and testing of facilities in operation.

Wide industry knowledge and extensive professional training help us to achieve high standards of workmanship and commitment for our clients. We utilise the most up to date, state of the art manufacturing techniques allowing us to provide assurance that products are first class in quality and design.

We have the flexibility to offer turnkey solutions or individual package and system elements to satisfy specific project needs.