Cleanroom Engineering

We are able to offer principal engineering activities as follows:

As a ‘specialist cleanroom contractor’ our engineering capabilities are concentrated on the design of cleanrooms for specialist controlled environments, with emphasis on integrated design solutions, interfacing with process design. With a primary focus on the client brief, we interface with all the necessary design disciplines to develop architectural based construction drawings from conceptual stage whether for fitting out of an existing structure or creating a new facility.

Our strengths lie in the management and execution of design from concept through to detailed design, working closely with the client and design team to meet project requirements. Our skills, when aligned with the manufacturing and product solutions available, enable us to provide bespoke design solutions to different project scales across a number of industries.

Our designers regularly deal with the requirements of the following standards and have had experiences of other specialist regulations based on a country and/or project specific basis.

  • Cleanrooms and Associated Controlled Environments ISO 14644-1 & 2 (supersedes US Federal Standard 209E, 1992)
  • Clean and Sterile Requirements BS5295: 2000
  • Institute of Environmental Standards IES
  • European Guide to Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practice
  • CGMP requirements as defined under the US Code of Federal Regulations
  • ISPE Baseline Pharmaceutical Engineering Guides
  • Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens Guide, Fourth Edition 1995.

As a specialist service provider we work with a wide range of clients and design consultants and have tailored our services to match requirements dependant upon project scale and location. We are able to provide design formats ranging from intensive workshops to extended ‘on site’ services with designers working within the clients design teams.

We are familiar with the requirements of the following regulatory bodies:

  • US Food and Drugs Administration
  • UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
  • Australia Theraputic Goods Administration
  • US National Institutes of Health
  • Hong Kong Pharmacy and Poisons Board
  • World Health Organisation
Capability and the build capability for each discipline provided:

We offer cleanroom design to meet user requirements interfacing with process flow, people flow and environmental requirements.

The build element of the cleanroom fabric is provided by our own trained and experienced, locally based labour workforce.

Please download our Capability Statement here

Further capability provided by sub contractors or trading associates:

As noted above, we have considerable resources available to us within our supply chain to provide all of the services necessary for a successful project. All of the companies on which we call are tried and tested as well as being fully versed in the requirements of the industry.

An advantage of this type of arrangement, that is invariably overlooked, is the ability to align the right design and construction team with the project scale and requirements.

The result… no project is too large or too small.